The Nations #1 Photo Booth Alternative

Sleek, Fun and most important Different!

Our custom designed photo booth alternative system is not your traditional style photo booth. It’s a state of the art photo system which has made us the nations #1 in the photo booth alternative business, with a 42-inch touch screen monitor that allows your guests to interact with the machine. Our open-air system sets us apart from the traditional cramped in typical photo booth. Your guests will be able to stand in front of the screen, take a high resolution digital picture and print out a 4×6 print along with other options like sharing it through text, e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter. Our software will allow them to use over 270 virtual props such as (hats, glasses, mustaches, lips, etc) to enhance and have fun with their pictures. The game changer with our software not only allows you to print the fun picture but your guests can also have the original print as well. Each photo will have a custom boarder of your event and we provide a digital album as a keepsake for years to come.

Virtual Props Vs Traditional Props 

Most consumers today have had many concerns as to the sanitary conditions of traditional props. Who wore it last, did someone sneeze or cough in that mask, hope there’s no lice in that hat and many other concerns. So, we decided to use virtual props so there’s no sanitary concerns while providing a selection of over 270 props including famous celebrities and sports figures. To further enhance the experience, we can utilize our green screen technology to add backgrounds and custom step and repeats for branding.

The traditional photo booth is like owning a flip phone rather than a Smart phone.


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